Joe Friel est mon ami…

Il y a une règle en triathlon. Si tu es plus rapide que X ou que tu t’entraînes plus que X, X te répondra toujours que tu es en sur-entraînement ou que tu es trop dedans… Jusqu’a vouloir te faire sentir coupable de vouloir rechercher l’excellence ou d’être compétitif… Alors, souvent je doute.

Mais Joe Friel est mon ami. Il a toujours réponse a tout, il m’a permis d’économiser en frais de psy. le blog le plus indispensable sur le triathlon selon moi

Excellence is not for everyone. It’s far too difficult for the great majority of those who participate in sport. In fact, those who seek excellence are often ridiculed because they are different from their peers. And so it isn’t easy to seek excellence either. Humans are social animals; we don’t like being outcasts. It’s much easier to go along with the crowd than to stand out in a crowd. But there are athletes who pull it off, and with great aplomb. Have you ever noticed how young, pro athletes often try to give the impression that nothing about their training or dedication to the sport is unusual? They’ve learned to give the appearance of being “just like everyone else,” even though their performance in competition tells us otherwise. Going out of their way to be laid-back is how they cope with the dilemma and help prevent others from branding them as strange. And that’s a good strategy which I would recommend to anyone who truly seeks excellence: Try not to give the air of someone who is seeking excellence. Appear ordinary in every way you can.

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