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Athlete Dies in Challenge Roth Swim. Also, an athlete is still in severe condition after a body shut down during Ironman Nice. Sometime, we can ask ourself why we are doing that…


Another accident… ITU elite athlete, Tondy Dodds  is counting his blessings after avoiding serious injuries when colliding with a car while training in Germany.


A thrue original in Roth. He started his long-distance triathlon career on a bar bet, and now American Dave Orlowski, one of the original 12 Ironman athletes, is joining in the fun as a last-minute starter for the 10th running of Challenge Roth this Sunday.


Crashes, falls and…fallacies. With the Tour de France on the eve of the mountain stages one thing that has characterised the racing so far has been the crashes. WHY?


But some Idiots fro ESPN find all this crashes… funny  Here were the comments on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” show on July 11th after Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland were hit by a car on Stage 9:

« I hope nothing happened to the car, I hope it didn’t sustain any real damage. »

« Why is these cars and these riders on this one lane road in France? »

BikeSnobNYC is brillant as usual and resume perfectly the situation… We know this is not the case. As American cycling fans, in order to follow our favorite sport, we’ve been forced to operate outside the “sporting industrial complex” for years. Furthermore, many of us take part in this sport ourselves. As a result, we have a deep understanding of it, and we expect more from our commentators. We think more critically, we are more insightful—and yes, we even have a better sense of humor about ourselves—than many other sports fans. Of course we recognize that there’s humor in everything, even the Stage 9 crash.


D’ailleurs, il ne faut pas être étonné que cela se passe aussi chez nous, l’histoire des 4 triathlètes de gatineau et de la corde à linge fait son chemin.




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