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Ok Kona is coming, and Trimes is glad to let you know we will be covering the Ironman World Championships live from Kona. Watch for updates race week!

For now… There is a interesting point. The pro/elite will start 30 minutes ahead of the AG. They want a fair race for the women. A lot of AG are passing the women and put them in illegal situation so…

Specialized should present a new bike or more exactly a new version of the Shiv. More triathlon specific and not UCI compliant. It will be interesting to see the prices cause there are some fast bike with reasonable prices… The new Giant Trinity at 2300$, The BMC To1 ultegra at 4900.

Il y a une rumeur que Craig Alexander est déjà à Kona. Cependant, personne est en mesure de confirmer sur quelle marque de vélo il roule.

Voici le nouveau vélo de Lindsay Corbin à l’image de sa bière. Oui, elle à une bière à son nom. Cela serait sa boisson de récupération. Trimes souligne que le directeur artistique de Scott est vraiment meilleur que celui de Trek et de Specialized.

As tu fait ton deuil de Macca? Si tu ne le sais toujours pas, il a écrit un livre sur lui pour dire à quel point il est bon. La rumeur dit que Crowie se fait demander ce qu’il pense du livre, il te répondra qu’il préfère faire parler ses jambes lui.


Étonnement, une critique assez intéressante à été publié sur le site d’Ironman. Trimes acquiesce.

An admission from the outset: I have been trying to write this book review for three months. It has been that difficult. On one hand, with all the respect I have for Chris « Macca » McCormack as an athlete, in no way did I want to diss him. On the other hand, I found it so hard to get past the bravado and hyperbolic self-admiration that Macca bestows upon himself throughout the book that it made me seriously consternate on the review. Perhaps it would have been better to have someone else write the book – from a third party standpoint. But, no, we then wouldn’t truly get to know the real Macca … as « I’m Here to Win » certainly does.

1.Chris McCormack undoubtably believes he is the greatest triathlete in history

2.Chris McCormack’s definition of “cocky” or “arrogant” is different than most

3.Chris McCormack is unique among professional triathletes, recognizing and employing great marketing skills

4.The book, I’m Here to Win is an extremely enjoyable read.

Very early in this 250-page look at the life and success of the Australian superstar, Macca sets the record straight: Entering the 2010 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, he says: “I was the most accomplished triathlete on the planet at any distance.” No bravado there, right?  No. According to the world champion, he’s neither cocky nor arrogant. “I’ve never said anything that I didn’t believe to be true; but, nobody likes a truth teller.” And, “tell,” he does … throughout the book. 


Petit Rappel.