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29 décembre 2011

You need to read this article from The Star > Whitfield to Canadian rivals: ‘Snatch the pebble’. This article concretizes some thoughts we have for a long time, Why the Canadian didn’t have an plan to get the 3 spots for London!

Whitfield believes Triathlon Canada could have been more proactive “I’m a little disappointed we never sat down and tried to really make a plan,” he said. “It was kind of established pretty quickly that it was every man for himself. I really don’t mean a plan in terms of racing together, I just mean a plan in terms of getting three spots and getting three guys on the start line.”

The article is also quite interesting because it explains why Kyle Jones is no more training with Simon. Reason? the plan wasn’t made for him. “You spend too much time and too much hard work just to be mediocre,” said Jones. “I want to be one of the best in the world. In order to do that, I’ve got to have a plan that’s going to get me there.”

Né à Poissy, France, exilé à Montréal, Canada, Alexandre cherche perpétuellement à déchiffrer le sport d'endurance ainsi que son élite. Designer graphique de formation et passionné pour le triathlon suite à la performance de Whitfield à Bejing, il considère le sport comme vecteur de vie.

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