Landis Round IV

À lire absolument son entrevue pour ESPN. (heureux de voir qu’un média américain le laisse s’exprimer!)

deux passages qui disent tout.

I also, throughout the past four years, had hoped that the UCI and the anti-doping agency would do something about it, would actually try to fix it. It’s become clear now the UCI has no interest in fixing it. [Link: UCI president Pat McQuaid called Landis’ claims « scandalous and mischievous. »] And now we’ve come to the point where the statute of limitations on the things I know is going to run out or start to run out next month — the first time I was given testosterone by Lance Armstrong was exactly eight years ago next month so if I don’t say something now then it’s pointless to ever say it. [Link: Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel’s response to Landis’ claims.]

I personally performed a blood transfusion on Levi [Leipheimer] in a Tour [2005] where he beat me. It didn’t feel like cheating to me. I don’t feel in any way like I was lying to the guys I was racing against. I lied to the public because that was the party line of the sport … It’s not a matter of, I’m doing this now because I feel like somehow guilt destroyed my life. If I am going to be on this team [Editor’s note: Landis’ team is co-sponsored by the Bahati Foundation, which runs inner-city cycling programs in Los Angeles] where I’m encouraging kids to get into cycling, that’s where I draw the line on my conscience, I can’t tell kids to get involved in this and come from a poor neighborhood with drug problems to even more confusing drug problems.

Voilà on peut fermer le dossier…

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