Après les punaises, le fil de pêche.

Sandy Jacobson shows the cuts she sustained when she rode her bike into a fishing line.À lire ici (cbc.ca) Alors que cette femme s’entrainait sur son vélo de montagne, elle a rencontré un fil de pêche en plein visage.

Jacobson remembered seeing a group of four young men sitting in the picnic area and she went back to ask them why the line was strung across the trail. The boys asked her why she was riding so fast, she said, and the conversation soon became confrontational.

Jacobson is well-known in Edmonton for her athletic career as a marathon runner.

She is telling her story to warn others to be careful along the trails. She now plans to be more aware of her surroundings when she’s out for a bike ride.

« I guess you have to take a step back in today’s society and, just from an awareness standpoint, just be cautious. »

Et oui le racisme sportif existe vraiment.

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