Jargon de Triathlète > part II

une personne trop politiquement correcte, qui commence trop souvent ses phrases par à mon époque… qui utilise aussi un ton moralisateur parce qu’il est votre vétéran > il fait son Mr 19 (hommage a ex-pro triathlète ontarien qui est desormais dans l’industrie du triathlon, certains comprendrons).

Résidu de gel sur votre cadre ou guidon de vélo, ou dans le fond d’une poche ou sac > Fungoo


la triathlète pro Joanna Zeiger, et oui, elle aussi vient de se lancer dans le jargon de triathlète, je vous conseille de lire son blog, toujours très drôle et enrichissant. Je pense que nous avons du travail en perspective, pour s’équiper d’un jargon francophone digne de ce nom!

Aquarash – The strange burn that appears on the neck after a wetsuit swim.

Bodyslam – The full body muscle soreness the day after a race.

Bottle Shock – When you reach behind to grab a bottle from your back cage and it is gone. You realize it probably popped out 3 miles back when you rode over the nasty train tracks.

Cycleroma – The smell of a room after an indoor bike workout. The smell is exponential to the number of people in the room.

Fungoo – The residue on your bike frame from gels and drinks

Gasplorch – What to say to the race official (in lieu of the regular expletives) who pulled you over for littering when your bottle escaped on those train tracks.

Ill Suiter— An individual who wears their wetsuit backwards or inside out (yes, I have seen both).

Invisibuoy –  The disappearance of the huge orange or yellow buoy on the swim if it is rough or if the sun is in your eyes.

Overage – Adding a few miles to your run or bike ride beyond what you had planned on your schedule.

Overstride – What happens when you are fading during a race and then drink a cup of cola.

Runnerstummy – GI distress that occurs during long runs, speed sessions or races that forces you to stop.

Spreader – An individual who takes up too much space in transition and encroaches on your area.

Tridew – The clammy, awful state that your gear is in when you have to pack it wet after a race.

Yo-yoer – A person who passes and drops back and repasses and drops back and passes again during training or a race.

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