The Blood Brothers > Landis Vs Armstrong round 3

Landis vient de donner une longue entrevue au Wall Street Journal où il balance tout. La procédure, les gens impliqués, les détails pathétiques… (le sang était jeté dans les toilettes…) ainsi que quelques ajouts d’informations d’autres ex-coureurs de l’ US postal…

Three other former U.S. Postal riders told the Journal in interviews that there was doping on the team during the time Mr. Armstrong was its lead rider, and one of them admitted that he himself had doped. Several other riders said they had never observed such activity during their time with the team.

À lire ici. Vous allez en entendre parler beaucoup dans les prochains jours. Et Armstrong répondra comme toujours… « Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago » ou « We have a person who has been under oath several times with a completely different version, written a book with a completely different version, someone that took money. He said he has no proof. It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility. »


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