À regarder sur ton hometrainer…

Et oui, il fait déjà nuit, et non non la saison n’est pas terminée! Alors c’est le temps de renuer avec votre hometrainer, surtout qu’un nouvelle étude vient de prouver qu’écouter de la musique vous fait aller plus vite. (À lire ici).

But their riding changed significantly in response. When the tempo slowed, so did their pedaling and their entire affect. Their heart rates fell. Their mileage dropped. They reported that they didn’t like the music much. On the other hand, when the tempo of the songs was upped 10 percent, the men covered more miles in the same period of time, produced more power with each pedal stroke and increased their pedal cadences. Their heart rates rose. They reported enjoying the music — the same music — about 36 percent more than when it was slowed. But, paradoxically, they did not find the workout easier. Their sense of how hard they were working rose 2.4 percent. The up-tempo music didn’t mask the discomfort of the exercise. But it seemed to motivate them to push themselves. As the researchers wrote, when “the music was played faster, the participants chose to accept, and even prefer, a greater degree of effort.”

Et alors? Trimes réhabilite nos gouts musicaux de vieux… comme celui-là
au passage Pitchfrok vient de publier les meilleurs clip des années 90, à la belle époque de MTV!



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