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Endurance Corner vient de publier quelques témoignages d’athlètes qui ont réussi à se qualifier pour Kona. Vous pouvez le lire ici.

Voici un des témoignages… (Brady DeHoust)
That’s a tough question because I’m not really sure what other competitors do. It may be an easier answer to say what I don’t do. For me, I truly embrace the entire end-to-end process…every timeevery year. I see a lot of athletes go in 110% one year to try and establish Superman fitness to execute at one race. They drill it from the beginning of the year, never miss a workout, get super fast in March, and show up in June/July to race and explode. I know I want to train every year, whether it’s for an A, B, or C race, the training is the same; consistent and to the point that I can absorb it. I see a lot of guys going above and beyond all the time. Having family and work commitments probably makes training better, or rather, of higher quality. I have “windows” of opportunity to train, and I do the best I can to use that time to put in the most purposeful and valuable training miles I can. The most important things for me: consistency (for 12 months), being organized, and not having my best days in training.

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