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Nous sommes chanceux d’avoir un athlète comme Craig Alexander au top de notre sport. Kona approche a grand pas, et tout le gossip des pros commence! Voici une entrevue de Craig Alexander qui réussi toujours à être très articulés et respectueux.

À lire ici, sur l’excellent site Australien, firstoffthebike.com

Je radote, mais j’ai eu la chance de parler deux fois avec Craig et je peux vous assurer que c’est un vrai.

Voici un extrait que j’adorre.

Mate I think it is more jealousy than anything else. If I am soft on the bike and I can be exposed, then expose me. It is the old saying talk is cheap. It is one thing to talk about doing something but go and do it. It is like Dave Scott always says; winners don’t talk and talkers don’t win. I really don’t have any problem with people trying to play the mind games or do whatever they want. I know come October 9 when the gun goes off I will be ready.

The ironic thing is I’m the weak one on the bike apparently but I am the only one secure enough not to wear an aero helmet and a skin suit in the race. I was one of the only pro men last year who didn’t have the aero helmet on. So I’m obviously a little bit confident in my riding if those guys all think they need an aero helmet and I can turn up without one. And that is not being cocky or arrogant, that is just for comfort. I never really have liked those aero helmets to be honest and I have been in the wind tunnel. I know they do provide an aerodynamic advantage, they minimise drag, but I think if you are going to be out there a long time it is important to be comfortable as well.

Yeah, I’ve seen some of the talk and the hype this year and people trying to call me out, one person in particular, and that’s fine, but in the same interview he also was calling for help. It was almost a call saying ‘Come on guys, let’s make the bike hard/’ Well last time I checked it was non-drafting. You have to ride on your own. You can’t get into a pace line at a team’s time trial. If you want to make the bike hard, make it hard. As I said, to be honest, I don’t take any of this stuff personally. People say things to motivate themselves as well. I don’t think a lot of what is said is deliberately having a shot at anyone. I think a lot of it is sometimes just to motivate that athlete. Maybe they say something and put it out there to motivate themselves and that is fine too. I really, to be honest, don’t go to a lot of the websites or the chat sites.

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