Tu fais du Olympique en Élite, ceci est à savoir!

Pour tous ceux qui font des courses qui sont régis par l’ITU, Théoriquement, tu dois installer sur tes aérobarres un connecteur, d’ailleurs cette règle est déjà appliquée chez les pros. Elle devait rentrer en rigueur pour les championnats du monde ITU à Budapset. Mais revirement de situation de dernière minute…

For those competing at the World Championships in Edinburgh (this weekend for Duathlon) or Budapest (next weekend for Triathlon), the ITU has made the following announcement regarding handlebars:

« For 2010, the ITU will not be enforcing rule 5.2. c) (iii) with respect to handlebars in draft illegal races. The rule is under review and any modifications will be announced prior to the 2011 season. For events in 2010, rule 5.2. c) (iii) will be replaced by the following:

– Only handlebars and clip-on bars not extending beyond the leading edge of the front wheel will be permitted. All handlebar ends must be plugged.

This new rule will be in effect immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. »

This may be too late for those that made the changes already but great news to those that didn’t. For most, this likely means that your bikes are fine as is. But check to make sure your bike still complies with the rules or contact Triathlon Canada if you need more clarification.

Reste à savoir si Triathlon Québec appliquera cette règle l’année prochaine. Si c’est le cas tu peux déjà commencer ton magasinage.

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