La non excuse de Julie Dibens à Clearwater.

« My trip to Clearwater for the 2010 70.3 world champs this past weekend was an eventfull one. Maybe not quite exactly in the ways i had imagined, but hey ho…we live and learn. My performance was sub par, and i am not going to make excuses for it. I am almost ashamed to say but for whatever reason, my head just wasn’t in the game.

I didn’t want it enough, and wasn’t willing to push my body to the limit, or to the level that it needs to be pushed to be in contention to win another world title. Despite having similar sensations in training during the last 3 weeks, i was hoping that i could switch the brain off, and push out one last 4hr effort for the year. Having won the race last year, i felt it was only right to put myself on the start line, and « represent » as best i could on the day. »

Pour lire le reste, c’est ici.

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