Choosing REV3 and … over IronMan ? Matt Reed is doing it.

With the WTC (IronMan) making it mandatory to race a few 70.3 and IM to get to Kona, it is getting harder for the pros too.
But they also play on the fidelity of the pros towards their races.

Hawaii is a legend race but after all, pros are also trying to make a living out of triathlon in general. And there are more and more series popping up all around the world.

On its side Rev3 is growing from 1 race in 2008 to 6 venues in 2011 (including one outside USA) … no not Canada yet :(.
Despite, Rev3 is still a very small player, it seems they really want to take care of their pros.
Judging with those price $.


Rev3 prices purses

One important note, there will be a $125000 jackpot for the athlete who can win Knoxville, Quassy and Cedarpoint.
And there is even money at the end for the overall ranking of the serie.

overall ranking purses
Matt Reed made a choice as you can see in this video.

But he still wants to be part of the IM.

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  1. C’est pour cela que certains pros ont voulu faire le max d’épreuve en début d’année…

    Par contre faire des courses durant Kona et Las Vegas, c’est n’importe quoi… vraiment.