Il va falloir 2 médailles d’or pour le triathlon masculin aux Jeux de Londres

Brownlee(s) in Kiwami :) Trimes approved !
Brownlee(s) in Kiwami 🙂 Trimes approved !

They have it all and they want it more  !

Ils veulent passer la ligne d’arrivée ensemble !!

Lisez cet article intéressant a propos des frères Brownlee.

Il donne même l’emploi du temps des Brownlee. On dirait que leur piscine est fermée le week-end!

75-minute run, hour’s swim, hour of running drills in the gym, then physio and a two-hour bike ride.

Hard swim. Easy run, 45 minutes. Easy ride for an hour. Running session on the track in the evening.

‘Big aerobic day.’ 90-minute swim, 75-minute run, three-hour bike. Easy jog in evening.

Easy swim. Hour’s run. Really hard two-hour ride in the evening, followed by short, fast 10-minute run straight off the bike.

‘Easy day.’ Swim in the morning. Easy hour run. Easy 90-minute bike.

Grass track running session. Three-hour bike. 30-minute easy run.

Three-and-a-half hours bike, 90-minute run

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