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À lire absolument, l’entrevue que triathlon magazine Canada vient d’effectuer. C’est à lire ici. On y apprend une multitude de détails sur elle dont le refus de triathlon Canada de l’inscrire au première étape de la WCS! En fait chez trimes on est plutot étonné que cela soit sorti.

Voici un extrait.

Looking back, she now regrets the Triathlon Canada decision to keep her out of the early WCS races last year and not getting to that circuit until late in the season.

Findlay has always been competitive. It’s one of the reasons she gravitated to triathlon in 2006. She was a competitive swimmer with the highly successful Edmonton Keyano club but discovered, as do so many young swimmers, that she peaked at a very early age. She hit the wall at age 14.

« From that point I hit a plateau, wasn’t getting any faster. When you’re swimming 10 times a week and you go to meets and your times don’t get any faster it’s the most frustrating thing. I would be in tears after almost every race, I just cared so much about it. When you devote your life to it and you’re stuck in one spot, it’s just not fun anymore. »

Findlay ran track in high school, finishing second at nationals in cross-country. With two of the three elements of triathlon already in her bag, the transition seemed natural. She got a bike for Christmas and found a new focus for her athletic competitiveness, an ideal sport for her.

« I guess so. I could still train with the swim club and I loved that, enjoy the people, love the workouts … and it lets me run, which is my strength right now. I don’t love the cycling right now but I’m getting better. »

Part of the reason for the cycling issue is the inability to train outside in Edmonton in the winter. That means hours on the stationary bike, which is mentally much more difficult. With no other real option in Edmonton, she’s spending another winter riding in her basement, and hating it.  That will help make the move to Victoria and the triathlon training centre a little easier.

« I’m not going to be in school for the winter so that makes it a lot easier. Last year I started the (winter) semester and got to a point where it became too much to be going to training camp and studying and I didn’t even stop school until February so that hampered my progress for the start of the season. »

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