Fast Triathlon Brazil

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Each each, there is a crazy little triathlon happening in Brazil mid January for the boys and mid February for the girls !
And each year a few young elites Canadians are making the trip !

It’s not a TriCan program or an ITU event, although TriCan is the point of contact for the Brazil organizers. The Brazil organizers arrange all travel and pay all expenses, you even get the gear from them. No TriCan officials are going, the athletes travel there by themselves.
But it is a great format, and (usually) a great experience for athletes !!! 

Would you love to try this !

This race is pretty unique. It is a 3 stage race. Each stage consists of a 250m swim, a 4k (4 lap, draft legal) bike, and a 1300m (2 lap) run. The stages went of 10am, 10:30am, and 11am, and all 18 athletes did each stage. The points ere given out in each stage so that 18 points go to 1st, on down to 1 point for 18th. The top team leaves with all the glory, which is a pretty good prize considering the race was broadcast live all over South America, and rebroadcast later that day in Brazil.

This event is organized by a marketing company … here  

This year, severe food poisoning (or water borne illness) took half of the contestants out, including 2 of the 3 Canadian boys !!

See you here in a month, it will the turn of our girls : Tenille Hoogland (ON), Rachel Edwards (SK) and Gabrielle Edwards (SK).

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