Help Janelle Morrison + some news about her condition

On November 21st, The canadian pro triathlete, Janelle Morrison (Timex Team) was hurt in a car crash. Family, friends and elite triathletes have come together to raise money for Janelle’s recovery. It’s your last chance to help her.

The auction closes at Midnight MST on Jan 24th. they are some really famous items to bid on as the Lindsey Corbin Hat, Mirinda Carfrae or some race suits from our Simon Whitfield.

To bid, go here

Some news about Janelle (from her blog).

First off, I made the move from wheelchair to cruches this past Tuesday. And I am actually « walking » with crutches rather than « hopping! » I had my second set of x-rays and the results were truly awesome. I couldn’t have asked for anything more for these.  The orthopedic surgeon that went over my xrays with me was super pleased with the bone growth (which is very much ahead of schedule at this point – only 8 weeks post-accident.) In 4 weeks my femur didn’t even look like the same x-ray and the surgeon said it is « very very good. »  I like it:)  He also did a physical assessment of my right and left legs.  He asked me to lie down and he did some strength/stretching manipulations of my right (undamaged leg) first.  He then moved to my left leg and found (as I already was aware) that there was very little difference between the two legs.  A little more time to get rid of the tightness and stiffness of sitting in a bed/wheelchair for 2 months and I should be returned to full range of motion.  It’s already, incredibly, almost there:)

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