Trimes digs Andrew McCartney

It is our pleasure to introduce Andrew McCartney in our « Trimes digs » column.

Before we get to the serious stuff, let starts with something completely unrelated but … I’d like you to know that Andrew is probably the best triathlete/cook combo in Canada !

Sugar Flower by Andrew

Thankfully, when he is not cooking some delicious looking recipes, Andrew is training with the Senior National Team in Victoria.

Five-spice pumpkin-Ginger Cake (by Andrew)

Like many others, Andrew made it his goal to represent Canada at the next Olympics.  Either he admits to it or not, one if his talent is definitely the swim.
If you have been following Andrew’s racing season, you might have noticed that he is always (or very often) in the top 5 coming out of the water. Andrew could be one of the greatest team mate in a Quest for Gold.

Over the years Andrew has definitely accumulated some great results :
• Under-23 and Junior National Champion
• Finished 15th at 2009 Under-23 World Triathlon Championships in Gold Coast, Australia
• 2009 Hy-Vee Des Moines World Cup Swim Prime Winner

2009 – PATCO-Under-23 Championships: 3
2009 – ITU Continental Cup, San Francisco, U.S.A.: 2
2009 – National Championships, Kelowna, B.C.: 5
2009 – World Triathlon Championships, Gold Coast, Aus.: 15

And you can find all his 2010 results here

Andrew is also and avid blogger with an extensive work done right here
This is what Andrew had to tell us …

How did you start triathlon ?

I started swimming and running competitively with local clubs in Victoria at about 8 years old. In 2000 Simon showed us that a Canadian could win a Gold Medal in Triathlon. (Sidney Olympics) I was pretty inspired. I knew that had to be my goal. So at 13 I got my first road bike.

Euro Trip 2010

What are your goals for the season ?

2011 is my first year competing as a senior ITU Triathlete. I would like to crack the top 25 at worlds this year. I’ve been in the top 15 at the Junior and U23 levels but I have a hundred tiny goals to meet en route to that larger goal.

What do you keep repeating to yourself ?

I have always liked Tewksbury’s mantra “Why not Me” but mine is “No Cotton Wool.” I picked this up after reading Roger Bannister’s book, ‘The Four Minute Mile.’ In the hours leading up to the olympic final in Helsinki, he had built himself up to withstand any set back. “I no longer wanted to be wrapped in cotton wool.” – Roger Bannister.

No Cotton Wool.”

What is your strength ? According to you ! Or your favorite event (swim/bike/run) ?

Swimming is probably my greatest strength. But honestly when I’m on the bike there is nowhere I’d rather be. And when I’m running, Its all I want to do. So my favorite is whatever I am doing.

Swim out Worlds in Australia

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

In 5 years, I hope to have been to my first olympics.

Canadians have done very well in the world circuit. However, for developing triathletes, Europeans have many more high level competitions available to them each season within reasonable travel distances. Creating more opportunities for Canadians and Americans to compete against each other would be advantageous to both countries making us more competitive in Europe.

Long distance triathlon in your future ?

Most definitely! I hope to do triathlon my whole life. Ironman and Half Ironman are something to look forward to. There are so many older triathletes to be inspired by.
What is your usual training schedule (week during the season) ?

In the Senior National Training Center we don’t really have a day off. We may take it back but the great thing about triathlon is you can rest some muscles while improving in others. A weeks schedule is as follows. We swim 6 times a week on average 5.5km each practice. We ride about 4 to 5 times a week including two solid sets and one extra long ride. Depending on focus I will run about 4-5 times a week, including one hill session, one flat speed session and one extra long run. I fit in 3-4 strength sessions a week.

What gear/brands are you using ? Any sponsor or favorite product ?

I am very Lucky to be an ambassador for Kiwami for 2 years. Mizuno has been supplying me with all things running for 7 years now. Blueseveny supplies me with Wetsuits and Outdoor Gear Canada for helmets by Giro. My favourite products include the Kiwami Amphibian 008. Coming from a swimmers background, you come to appreciate a proper fit and fabric that flows through the water like it is waterproof.

Your tunes for your training ?

That’s tough. Its always changing. It can range from Classical Music to Alternative Rock to Rn’B. Lately I love anything by The Black Keys. I have also been playing a song by Awolnation called Sail. At the gym I often embarrass myself by singing along.

Any athlete you admire ?

Every athlete has his or her story that makes them admirable. But I have to admire my training partners and specifically Simon Whitfield. Simon has such a willingness to learn and he passes it on to his team mates. Bevan Docherty is another athlete I have always admired for his consistency. Finally, Stuart Hayes for taking chances on the bike. I admire someone who is willing to take risks for success. Like his performance at the Kitzbuhel World Championship Triathlon.

Your moto !

I was introduced to a poem called, Attitude by Charles Swindell The entire poem is great but the crux of it is, “The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it….” – Charles Swindell


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  1. WOW, je pense qu’il vient d’exprimer tout la nature du triathlon: «Swimming is probably my greatest strength. But honestly when I’m on the bike there is nowhere I’d rather be. And when I’m running, Its all I want to do. So my favorite is whatever I am doing.» j’adore cette phrase!