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And voila ! After Kyla Coates, Andrew Yorke and Tenille Hoogland, we will turn our attention on yet another member of the National Development Team nominated by Triathlon Canada. Please welcome Joanna Brown [blOg].

Joanna at ITU Coteau

This Carp (tiny little town near Ottawa) native Junior athlete has been working very hard for a few years under the talented yet underrated coach Greg Kealey. She is part of a Ottawa source of young elites called the Bytown Storm Triathlon club.

Joanna is about to jump into the Olympic distance world and racing U23 in 2012, meanwhile she has already accumulated multiple impressive results like

– 2010 National Junior Champion (Kelowna)
– 2010 Bronze medal @ ITU World Champion Junior (Budapest)

Along with the other young elites, we will follow Joanna during the season, but for now, this is what she has to say 🙂 !
How you start triathlon ?

I started triathlon about five years ago – I was a competitive soccer player that loved running and I had tried pretty much every sport there is…from synchronized swimming, to basketball, to roller hockey. My aunt saw an ad in the local paper for a triathlon club that was welcoming new members and was offering a free trial for a week. I tried it out and I was hooked after my first race!!

What are your goals for the season ?

I plan to race a couple of Olympic Distance races since it is my last year of junior elite. I want to get ready for the jump to U23 and also do the best that I can in the junior series. My goals include becoming smarter and more efficient in training and recovery since next year will be a whole new challenge.

What do you keep repeating to yourself ?

Don’t hold back.

The Junior podium Nationals 2010

What is your strength ? According to you ! Or your favorite event (swim/bike/run) ?

I would say my strength and my favorite event would have to be running! I enjoy chasing people down!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

I will still be on the National Team racing for Canada around the world and preparing for the 2016 Olympics. I really want to see how everything works and stay flexible and relaxed…I know that in the winters I will be FAR away from where it is cold!

What is your opinion about Canada vs the others ? Is there any difference between us, the USA, Europe, Australia, New-Zealand ?

I think that Canada is doing a good job at getting triathlon going, creating interest in the sport, and helping out athletes. Triathlon is more popular in some of the other countries which has lead to the development of a solid infrastructure. I know that eventually Canada will have some of the same resources and we are taking huge steps towards where we need to be. It is really amazing to be a part of this budding sport and interesting to see how it grows with every year.

Joanna and the next-next-next generation ...

Long distance triathlon in your future ?

I may do an Iron Man just to say that I did. I don’t think I will be competitive in them though, although they say that all triathletes say that before they convert…

What is your usual training schedule (week during the season) ?

I usually swim Monday through Saturday in the mornings and then have a bike, run, or combination workout in the afternoon. I do some maintenance strength and core work a couple times a week. Sunday is usually a day off or a recovery workout.

What gear/brands are you using ? Any sponsor or favorite product ?

I have been with Asics for a couple years and I am very fond of their products. I am also fortunate to be supported by Kunstadt sports for bikes and maintenance.

Your tunes for your training ?

I don’t really listen to music when training unless it is an indoor ride…and then it is the radio or whatever someone else brings! Anything upbeat with a good rhythm works for me.

1000 islands Tri

Any athlete you admire ?

If I had to pick one athlete that I admire it would have to be Terry Fox. Otherwise, I gain inspiration and motivation from all the athletes around me. I really feed off the energy of other people and appreciate anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and do their very best. It takes courage to realize a dream and to push yourself past your limits.

Your moto !

Hmm…well I guess I would just have to say there are good days and there are bad days but in the end you have to enjoy the journey and see it for what it is. You really have to do what you love to do and put your head down and get the work done.

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