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To celebrate the beginning of our new year, we are happy to introduce a new tradition at

Victory Coteau 2009
Victory Coteau 2009

In the shadow of the big names in triathlon that people-on-the-street may know about, there are some athletes in Canada who deserve to be heard and need some exposure. We created this topic for them. Therefore, on regular basis, we will introduce an athlete from the next generation in our columns.

To inaugurate our series about the « next gen », please welcome Kyla Coates !

Kyla has collected many many podium in Canada as a junior and just moved from the junior category last year. See her most noticeable results on ITU races here.
Her racing at high level was really promising in 2010 but a broken collarbone injury delayed Kyla a bit … We can’t wait for 2011 !

Trimes: How did you start triathlon ?
I did my first little kids of steel triathlon when I was 6 years old. I was inspired to enter by a neighbourhood buddy who had done his first triathlon the year before, and I ended up loving them.  Every year after that I would compete in one or two races each summer on my little hand-me-down mountain bike. When I was 12, my twin sister qualified for the Alberta summer games, but I did not. I watched her learn how to ride my mom’s old (far too big) 10 speed road bike, and I would go on little 2km training runs with her.  Even as one of the youngest athletes, she ended up winning the Alberta summer games.  I was in awe of the atmosphere surrounding the games, but I was also very upset because I knew that I should have been racing too. I took the sport much more seriously from that point on, and dedicated myself to qualifying for the next Alberta Summer Games two years down the road. I did. And I’ve been loving the sport ever since.

Trimes: What are your goals for the season ?
This year I hope to qualify for Worlds in Beijing by placing top 20 at World Cups. I hope to help our Women’s team secure Olympic positions, and plan on improving my World Cup ranking along the way.

Trimes: What do you keep repeating to yourself ?
oooh that’s a tricky one. I tell myself to relax quite a bit, but otherwise I don’t have any particular sayings at the moment.

Trimes: What is your strength ? According to you ! Or your favourite event (swim/bike/run) ?

I think my strength is that I am fairly even across the three disciplines. I enjoy running and biking much more than swimming though, both in races and in training. After breaking my collarbone I have a greater appreciation for swimming though.

Trimes: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
I hope to be racing at the Olympics of course! I hope to be dominant on the world cup scene. And I better be done my undergrad by then!

Trimes: What is your opinion about Canada vs the others ? Is there any difference between us, the USA, Europe, Australia, New-Zealand ?
Although Europe and Australia are still ahead of us in supporting athlete development, and producing world class triathletes, I think we are rapidly catching up. We have a pretty challenging climate for the sport, but Canada has really done such a great job with the Kids of Steel programs and the Junior Elite Series, that I don’t think it will be long before we are a serious force to contend with internationally.

Trimes: Long distance triathlon in your future ?
Nope! At the moment the amount of training necessary for long distance triathlon does not appeal to me. I have many interests, so I think when I retire from Olympic distance racing I will pursue those goals.

Trimes: What is your usual training schedule (week during the season) ?
We swim Monday through Saturday mornings, and then do a bike or run workout in the afternoon. Depending on the time of year we will do a lighter third workout midday. Sundays are longer run/ride days. We also do weights two times per week, and yoga once a week, as well as stretching and core mostly on our own.

Trimes: What gear/brands are you using ? Any sponsor or favorite product ?
I have been riding Trek bikes since I bought my first ever road bike, so I am very proud to ride Trek again this year. I also love Kiwami racing suits.

Leading the pack ITU Ixtapa

Trimes: Your tunes for your training ?
Anything upbeat, I listen to most types of music, but definitely need something energetic to listen to while training.

Trimes: Any athlete you admire ?
I really admire Paula, because she is very humble and very fast, and a great friend.

Trimes: Your moto !

I like Ferris Beuler’s quote, « Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it. » To me it just means to enjoy life to the fullest, and appreciate what you have.

We thank Kyla very much for her contribution ! We will have her again during the season.
Thanks for reading.

Kyla’s blog is here :

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