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We don’t know why it’s Kruzz 1.5 and not 2, anyway… The sole seems to be the same (arg), the upper is an different story. Hey the revolutionary Flow cool System is gone! (some holes in row in the upper..)

Nous ne savons pas pourquoi c’est la version 1.5 et non 2, mais de toute façom… La semelle semble identique par contre le dessus complètement été redesigné. Et oui, le fameux Flow cool system a disparu… c’était des trous alignés dans le dessus de l’avant de la chaussure! Oui oui des trous!!!

David Bond, K-Swiss Vice President Of Performance Footwear have some interesting things to say… (you can read the rest here on counterkicks)

The biggest mistake a runner can make would be to assume that the biggest companies make the best product. McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anyone else, but their burgers suck compared to In-N-Out, for example. In-N-Out is much smaller than McDonalds, but they use better/fresher ingredients and have better cooking techniques. And their burgers rock!

K-Swiss is like In-N-Out. Our running shoes use better foams, better constructions, and better technologies. Nike/adidas is like McDonalds. Some people choose McDonalds. Not me. I would tell all runners to “taste” before you choose. I would recommend to not eat junk food and not buy junk shoes.

Running has seemingly taken all the excitement in the industry away from basketball. Running shoes are currently dynamic, vibrant, functional and fashionable. Lots of brands are doing cool stuff. Nike’s Lunar and Free shoes are awesome. Reebok’s ZigTech is very interesting. Mizuno shoes feel great, too. Brooks and Saucony are doing a great job servicing the running retailer and make solid product. Asics is consistently functional. I think New Balance has stepped up their designs lately. New players like Zoot and Newton have given the consumer a whole new take on running shoes. Much respect goes out to the brands that really care about running. We like to say that a high tide floats all ships. So I hope that all the brands continue to bring their “A” game.

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  1. Je ne sais pas ce que ça vaut, mais elle est jolie cette chaussure.
    En revanche, le discours du patron est juste complètement pas politiquement correct, c’est drôle.
    Enfin… quand tu as vu le magasin K-Swiss à Kona, tu ne peux pas t’empêcher de penser qu’il y a certains de leurs équipements, c’est juste du junk-garment, junk-fabric, junk-coupe, junk-qualité !!!