Racing UP the Empire State building !

No, I’m sorry, I was not there … but I thought I would share this.

Everywhere in the world, people organizes events shaped by where they live. We can say this one was the one made for the skyscrapers city.
Of course, you have to pick the most notorious one, the Empire State building.

2011 Mens start

We can’t speak of a distance in this case, this is simple, you race up 86 flights of stairs, or 1,576 steps and it will get you from the ground floor to the Observation Deck.

... stairs ... more stairs ...

The best athletes finish around the 10min area … which is about 2.6 steps up per second

Apparently, like in triathlon swim until the first turn, you need to fight your way to get in first at
the bottom of the stairs.

If you’d like to see more, it is here.

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