Simon Whitfield will not race until May … or June …

… but thankfully, plans to keep on racing until 2015 !!

Just back from Hawaii, Simon accepted a phone interview with a local journalist of Kingston, Ontario.
After a few anecdotes about his childhood and hockey, Simon let us know about his plans for the upcoming season.

We learn that he will not race until May or  … may be June. And by doing so, Simon will have to skip the first 2 WCS events.
Lots of factors enter in consideration for this decision, such as recovery from injuries and raising a family, but also lots of persuasion from his coaches.

Keep on reading here (By Mike Koreen The Whig-Standard)

Simon - Evelyn - Jennie
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  1. WOW! It might be a little dangerous for the number of spot for Canada at the olympics games…

    I think the qualification for the canadian will be decided at WCS london and the grand final at Bejing.