Simon Whitfield’s take on standards for World Cup entry

Simon Whitfield
Simon Whitfield

Link to the original English text can be found below.

Comme beaucoup d’entre vous le savent probablement déjà, chaque fédération nationale de triathlon utilise son propre système de standards dans le but de sélectionner ses athlètes participant aux manches de la coupe ITU.

Au Canada, les standards sont des « temps »  :
800meter swim; 9:36
5000meter run; 15:40

Si tu en rates un, tu restes a la maison et regarde le triathlon on TV 🙁

Simon is « revisiting » the system and thinking out loud about an alternative called the « Time Budget »

I invite you to read this interesting and open proposal … completely unofficial.

Meanwhile, I go back to bed and try to stop crying about my 18min/5k …

Lire le texte intégrale.

3 commentaires
  1. ce ne sont pas les standards junior ça?
    Je pense que se nior c’est 18’30 pour 1500m et 32’quelque chose pour la course à pied!

  2. I like this better than the « all-or-none » approach right now. Gives the younger guys/gals who only swam OR ran (not swam AND ran) time to develop the other sport. I also agree with having some sort of performance requirement for the bike. 20km or 5minutes.. you can set a benchmark for either, although 33min 20km is quite pedestrian compared to those swim/run standards (assuming a fair course/conditions).

    1. But Simon is not totally wrong… bike fitness is the most easy sport to improve… Swimming, you can give all… but you need technic. Running, you can give all but can get injured pretty easily. Bike… if you works…

      Also, I think that a lot of efforts are done to find convince pretty good swimmers to do triathlon right now…