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Please welcome our next guest in our « Trimes digs » section.

Alison Hooper.

Alison is part of the National Training crew, along with Matt Sharpe, Kyla and Alex Coates, etc … Under the experienced coaching of Monsieur Patrick Kelly.
Like many of those BC athletes, Alison appeared many times on the podium or near by 🙂
One of her most beautiful victory is definitely her gold medal at the Canada Games in 2008 (as an individual and as a team !).

She will compete as a junior for the coming season and we have great hope as her records show a few top 10 on PATCO events (here).

We will follow Alison’s evolution this season, but for now we are glad have her letting us know a little more about herself (not sure, this is proper English :()).

Discover her blog here

Comment as-tu commencé à faire du triathlon? Age?
How did you start triathlon?
I was a competitive swimmer for 9 years and I had started to plateau. I has always done cross-country and just loved the sport of running. Finally when I had a really unsuccessful ear of swimming I decided to join the National Triathlon Center in Victoria in Sept 2008.

Quels sont tes objectifs pour la saison 2011?
What are your goals for the season?
My goals for the season are pretty simple. Stay consistent and healthy and see where that takes me. Ultimately I want to qualify for Junior Worlds again and place in the top 5 in Beijing.

Quelle est la chose que tu te répètes souvent?
What do you keep repeating to yourself?
I always tell myself that I am doing the sport because I love it.  Too forget about the set backs that I face or the rough times of training and just focus on the pure enjoyment of training. I also constantly remind myself when doing something I don’t like that eventually I will get better at it.

Quel est ton point fort selon toi ? Ou ta discipline favorite (nat,vélo,cap)?
What is your strength ? According to you ! Or your favorite event (swim/bike/run)?
It’s really hard to say my strength. I would say naturally running would be my strength but it may appear that swimming is stronger coming from a huge swimming background. I definitely like the run as my favorite event. If I for some reason couldn’t do triathlon anymore I think I would take up long distance running like marathons.

Tu te vois ou dans 5 ans?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years…hmmm. Well in 5 years I will be 23 so just about to head into elite racing. I would hope to be at the top of U23 podium racing all over the world. Probably getting close to finishing my undergrad degree, that is yet to be decided. Definitely still living in Victoria.

Donne-nous ton opinion sur la position du Canada sur le plan international? Une différence de mentalité dans le sport entre les Européens, Nord Américains et l’Australie et Nouvelle Zélande?
What is your opinion about Canada vs the others? Is there any difference between us, the USA, Europe, Australia, New-Zealand?
Canada is home. It’s beautiful and safe. I recently watched a shooting that happened in the United States and it just was horrible and I could never imagine living in a country where violence and weapons are so pronounced. I think in terms of triathlon Canada is seen as the up and comer country. We have had podium showings at huge events in all ages and it’s only a matter of time until we are seen as the country to beat.

Triathlon Longue distance dans ton future?
Long distance triathlon in your future?
Is long distance triathlon, as in half iron and ironman in my future then as of right now I would probably say no. I have talked to people who have trained for long distance and I have trained with ironmen and that type of thing does not appeal to me at this moment.

Quelle est ta semaine type (en saison)?
What is your usual training schedule (week during the season)?
Usual schedule is swimming 5-6 times a week in the morning and 2-3 times would be a lake swim. Running 3-4 times with 1 of them being a track workout. 3-4 rides where 2 of them would be long sets, 1 being a brick workout and 1 being an easy ride after a hard run. We also squeeze strength/core in about 3 times a week.

Ton matos favori? Marques que tu utilises, tes sponsors?
What gear/brands are you using? Any sponsor or favorite product?
Well, Saucony recently sponsored me, which is very exciting! I love their products and working with the reps are great. Another one of my favorite brands that I find stands out from everything else is BlueSeventy wetsuits. I was wearing their 2010 edition last year and it had great shoulder flexibility.

Ta musique d’entrainement?
Your tunes for your training?
I don’t listen to music much while training except for occasional long base runs.

Un athlete que tu admires?
Any athlete you admire?
I admire all my fellow teammates and competition. We are all in the same boat and at one point or another experience the same ups and downs.

Ta citation!
Your moto!
Consistency is key

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