Huge Huge Huge > Alex Harvey and Kershaw world champion (VIDEO)

Alex (there seem to be many of them on Trimes) Harvey was the subject of the first or second (I can’t remember) interview I did for Trimes?

Can we please have a decent sports tv channel now?

Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw skied into the history books as the first Canadian males ever to win a medal at the Nordic World Ski Championships after capturing the gold in the team classic-ski sprint relay on Wednesday in Oslo, Norway.

« This feels absolutely amazing to win the real World Championship medal and not just the World Juniors, » said Harvey, who added that he and Kershaw were quickly escorted to meet the King of Norway immediatelyfollowing the race. « The Norwegians have like, 100 World Championship medals, and we won our first today for Canada. To do it at the birthplace of the sport is incredible. »

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  1. Bravo! Bravo! et bravo encore!!! La stratégie de laisser tomber la course de 15km classique d’hier pour Alex et Devon a fonctionné!!! Ces deux gars ont laissé tombé un peu les honneurs individuels pour accomplir cette grande victoire ensemble! Chapeau les boys!!!

  2. WOW! C’est un exploit extraordinaire, j’en ai la chaire de poule. Ces deux là on connu une belle saison avec une finale incroyable. On peut maintenant dire au reste du monde qu’il y a de la neige ici… et des skieurs!!!