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  1. Attitude très arrogante et détestable à mon avis. Ses adversaires doivent rire jaune, je ne pense pas qu’il gagne le respect ainsi. Ce n’est pas la marque d’un champion.

    Paul Dumas pourrait maintenant enquêter sur ce qu’aurait pu lui dire son poursuivant. Si c’était du Materazzi dans le texte, pour le coup je trouverais son geste plus élégant qu’un coup de boule…

  2. “He crossed the line when he snow plowed across the finish. They’re talking about him being a wolf in a flock of sheep, but he’s just an arrogant pig who makes fun of his competitors,” said the Swedish TV commentator Jonas Karlsson, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
    “It’s sad to watch,” said anders Blomquist, also a Swedish television commentator, and continues:
    “This kind of behavior does not belong in a sports arena. (Northug) is an amazing athlete, and he doesn’t have to behave like this to impress,” Blomquist said.
    Marcus Hellner, who was ridiculed over the last 200 meters of the relay, comments on Northug’s behavior like this.
    “This is pretty typical for Northug. That’s his style. It’s arrogant, but as I said, that is his style.”
    Daniel Rickardsson, who opened for Sweden and skied the first leg, would have liked to see Northug get paid back in his own currency when he acts the way he does.
    “It would have been fun if he had tripped,” Rickardsson said.
    Stefan Lindqvist in Helsingborgs Dagblad (Finnish newspaper) has already published a blog post about the relay finish.
    “Most athletes are wonderful people. They are graceful both in victory and loss. And then there are other kinds of athletes, such as Petter Northug,” he writes.
    “If I had been in Marcus Hellner’s shoes, I would have smacked him. It would have been worth it,” Lindqvist said. But that’s not Hellner’s style.
    Norway’s national team director Åge Skinstad argues that Northug’s arrogance was intended as a “thank-you” to the audience.
    “That’s just his way of thanking the crowds. I can’t imagine a better way to do that than what he did.”

  3. Deux choses font un champion: les résultats et l’attitude. Par son comportement arrogant, insultant, méprisant vis-à-vis de ses adversaires, et donc méprisable, Northug se disqualifie comme champion, malgré ses victoires.

  4. Controverse/débat: Northug quitte son équipe nationale!


    Dans un sport fédéré comme le ski de fond, un athlète doit absolument faire parti de l’équipe nationale pour participer aux compétitions internationales… mais Northug vient de quitter son équipe nationale! Il reviendra probablement au bercail lorsque les premiers flocons tomberont et qu’il aura empocher quelques dollars!