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  1. ARRKK! non mais on nous prend pour des idiots, gadget à la con!

    ps: il vient de perdre le peu d’avantage que lui donne son pédalier plein pcq qu’il a ajouté du drag avec son gadget! 😛

  2. euh … I don’t know what to think …
    April 1st would be appropriate I think.

    You have to appreciate the effort to try come up with new ideas … but it looks like they put a prototype on the market vs a finished product.
    I definitely hate anything dangling around like that … it is going to make a lovely noise all along the race when it is banging against the frame.
    What about getting caught in the spokes …

    They talk about MINUTES that we can save during transition … WOW ! His friend Stephen Hawking helped him to change the seconds in minutes !

    Anyway … what about loosing some weight … that would save some actual minutes … (oups, did I just say that ??)

  3. What is wrong with using an elastic band? The simpler the better in my opinion. Why do you need a product to replace something so simple that already works effectively? What if this « tri-clip » gadget malfunctions? And do you really want something dangling from your bike and potentially falling off while racing?

    If you want to « save minutes off your T1 times » as this ad promotes, practice transitions! In my opinion, that is far more effective than buying a gadget.

  4. I think it’s a good innovation but not really necessary. If we could integrate directly the system in the bike why not, but he increases the drag with this prototype.

    however, the elastic band used during your race is not really ecologic when you break your elastic brand, do you collect it after the race?