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Coach Salazar asked his athletes to run with this shoe. They are good to gain strength in your foot muscles. Having many different types of shoes in your gear closet is a good thing (different horses for different courses). They are also very comfortable for everyday wear, including for things such as power shopping! Feel barefoot while avoiding the hazards of actual barefoot running.

In 2004, Nike released the first Nike Free shoe. A shoe that gave the runner the feeling as if he/she ran barefoot. We have come a long way since then and the principle of running barefoot has taken off big time and is a term that we can no longer pass without notice. Now, two years after the successful release of the Nike Free Run+, we welcome with great pleasure the newest and best looking Nike Free shoe… the Nike Free Run+ 2.

The top of the shoe has a breathable mesh layer and is designed on the principle of the anatomy of the foot and mimics the system of fibers, muscles and bones. The sole, made of Phylite foam is an enhanced version of its predecessor and offers more traction when running.

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