Here is our third list of brand new, fresh created « triwords ». (Voici notre troisième liste de triblablabla.)


Pronation : Déformation de la foulée du triathlète quand il court dans une trifonction aux couleurs de son pays. (Changes in the footstrike of the triathlete wearing his country’s trisuit).

Équalitri/Equalitri : Règle qui s’applique sans distinction aux groupes d’âge comme aux pros (ex : pas d’aide extérieure en cas de crevaison sur un Ironman…). Rule that is applicated to the age-groupers as well as to the pros. (Ex : no exterior help when you have to repair your flat on an IM race…).

Scott : Probably one the most successfull names in the triathlon world :
1) If you want to be part of the Big Four, your name (first or family) must contain Scott… unless people call you Mark Allen – but then, you might own a special key (see Triblablabla #2).
2) Scott as also invented that identification gadget called « aerobars », revealed to the world in 1989, when Gred LeMond (friend of Bras Fort© won Tour de France by 9 seconds after winning the time-trial in the last stage thanks to the aerobar).
3) If your part of the Commerzbank Team, you’ll ride a Scott bike, you also should run with strange shoes that open at the back.
4) If your a normal athlete, you can ride weird named bikes : Plasma (like a TV ?), Waimea (like, say… a town of the Hawaiian Islands).
5) And believe me or not : PNF’s Dad first name is Scott, Natasha Badman brother’s first name is… Scott, and Chrissie Wellington little brother’s first name is : Scott.
6) Scott could also help triathletes in a far future, when « Beam me up Scotty » will help reach the finish line in few seconds !


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