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Triathlon Code is not an group of athletes with some additional rules… Simon Whitfield is giving some help to the most talented U23 and junior canadian athletes. They are a group of young, Canadian triathletes looking ahead to National and International level competition in the 2011 season and beyond. Comprised of 2 junior and 4 U23 athletes from across the country (Victoria and Guelph), the group aim to promote their sport by engaging themselves with the community with which they are a part of.

Simon is utilizing his connections within the sport of Triathlon, he has been able to assemble a comprehensive group of supporters for these developing athletes and it’s a great initiative from him. For your information, Jan Frodeno is doing the same with his team Strive.

The Code team is Matthew Sharpe, Christine Ridenour, Alexander Hinton, Alison Hooper, Ian Donald and Dorelle Hinton. (BTW, Trimes diggs is 3 on 6, and to be honest, these athletes has always been under our radar!).

And their (Lovely) Code is

The Code is accessible to anyone, but it isn’t for everyone.
It’s not just for elites, » but for those committed to their own goals, whatever they may be.
Rainy days, tired days, busy days — it means you see adversity as an opportunity.
Its choosing a quiet Friday night because you’re looking for a breakthrough on that Saturday ride.
It’s that burning in your lungs on the fifth interval, and doing it again on the sixth.
The Code is the sum of your choices, the dedication and focus you need to succeed.
The Code is the sacrifices made pursuing a passion.

FOR your information, we love this initiative because we really know how hard is it to get support for the youngsters… They don’t know the game. Also Trimes is having is own little project… we have a junior ITU athlete and an pro athlete 70.3 under our Power!


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Triathlon Code n’est pas un groupe d’athlètes qui s’est donné des règles additionnelles… Simon Whitfield soutient un groupe comprennant les athlètes le plus talentueux au pays en U23 et junior. Ces jeunes aspirent au plus au niveau international. Composé de 2 juniors et de 4 athletes U23  s’entrainant à Victoria et Guelph, le groupe aspire à promouvoir leur sport dans leur communauté.

Simon utilise ses connections pour aider ses jeunes puisqu’ils ont des commanditaires commun, c’est une excellente initiative de sa part. Pour votre information, Jan Frodeno fait déjà cela avec son projet team Strive.

L’équipe du code est composé de Matthew Sharpe, Christine Ridenour, Alexander Hinton, Alison Hooper, Ian Donald and Dorelle Hinton. (3 sur 6 se sont fait trimer, et pour être honnète, ces athlètes ont toujours été sous notre radars!).

Pour finir, Trimes approuve totalement cette initiative tout simplement parce que nous savons a quel point il est difficile pour des jeunes de comprendre le jeux de la commandite. Aussi, Trimes a son propre petit projet dans le même genre, l’équipe est déjà composé d’une pro 70.3 et de junior ITU. À suivre.



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