Hunter Allen Answers User Questions on Training with Power (video)

From TrainingPeaks.

Hunter Allen is the legendary Cycling Coach, Co-Author of “Training & Racing with a Power Meter”, Co – Developer of Training Peaks WKO Software and Founder of Peaks Coaching Group.

@00:27 What is a typical decay in FTP after taking a few months off and how long will it take to get it back
@02:10 Why is there such a difference in raising your CTL, then it drops so quickly on missed days?
@03:12 Should you race with power, or just go by RPE on race days?
@04:28 What’s the best power meter-alternative for people on a tight budget?
@05:14 How do you balance training both pedal strength and cadence, since they seem to be inversely related?
@07:09 How does age affect training with power, especially for the Masters (60+) category?
@08:34 Is it more effective to do low-reps/heavy weight training or high-reps/low weight to increase power?
@09:54 What’s the significance of a negative power/heart rate ration when looking at decoupling?
@11:27 How much of a percentage change in FTP can an experienced cyclist expect to see over a year? What’s a good goal?

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