Macca & ITU – Edmonton! and more…

Macca will be at Edmonton for the World Cup.
Macca sera à la coupe du monde ITU d’Edmonton.

Macca needs points for the ITU ranking. Question for ITU specialists: How Macca can enter in WCS if he has no points and no ranking? Also, can we imagine that he will do some continental races? Macca a besoin de faire des points et monter dans le classement ITU. Alors je me pose la question, comment Macca peut s’inscrire directement en WCS s’il possède ni points, ni classement? Aussi, pouvons nous supposer qu’il doit faire des courses continentales avant? Il y en a justement une juste avant Edmonton.

You can read a pretty interesting interview here. It’s really surprising but, The three Australian spots for the 2012 London Olympics are at the discretion of the Federation. Also, what’s the point in going to the Olympics as a domestic when Sexton, Kahlefeldt and Atkinson should be faster. Vous pouvez lire une entrevue assez intéressante ici. Cela peut paraitre étonnant mais les spots australiens sont à la discrétion de la fédération. C’est quoi le but d’aller aux Olympiques comme un domestique alors que Sexton, Kahlefeldt et Atkinson sont plus rapides?

The only thing that’s set in stone, the only way you can guarantee your spot, is by winning the [ITU World Championship Series] race in London this year and finishing top three [overall] in the series. That’s the only way you can secure an [automatic] spot on next year’s Australian [Olympic] team. There’s only one person who can do that who is Australian and that is [reigning Olympic gold medalist] Emma Snowsill. It’s a huge task considering England’s and many other countries’ selection criteria is London, as well. Otherwise, the three spots are totally at the discretion of the [Triathlon Australia] selectors. They want to pick three athletes who can win the gold medal. If they decide after London that they don’t have three athletes who can win, then they may look at a team option. They might have one or two guys they think can win and put someone else in the field [to help as a domestique]. You know what? I’m prepared to roll that dice against three guys not making it. They’ll also be looking at performances at major ITU events. Brendan Sexton has actually stepped up. He’s the marquee Australian this year, because nothing else matters. Brad Kahlefeldt and Courtney Atkinson aren’t necessarily on the team. I saw the opportunity as a good one. In 1999 I was a sure thing for the Sydney Olympics, and I never went. That’s the same for these other guys. I’m as good a chance as any. But if I don’t go, no hard feelings.

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