No to procrastination > Ed Whitlock, smashed the M80-84 World Record marathon (3:25:40)14 minutes

Text from the Toronto Waterfront Organisation.

Alors que de plus en plus de Triathlètes ont peur de se faire « chrissie » une volée par Wellington (Expression de Chuck P)… Certains devrait avoir peur de se faire EDifier par papi! 3:24 par un Octogénaire!!!

Canada’s Ed Whitlock, 80 years-old, ran a spectacular 3:25:43 (3:25:40 net) to smash the world 80-84 record of 3:39:18 set by Australia’s Robert Horman at Brisbane in 1998.”

TORONTO. April 10th. New octogenarian Ed returned to Rotterdam where he’d run a 2:58 in 2005, and smashed the M80-84 World Record by 14 minutes this morning.

Ed Whitlock turned 80 on March 6th, and is already well on his way to re-writing the record books over the next decadeas he did with 11 world records in his 70s. Always a man who likes and supports familiar, well-organized races, Ed returned to Rotterdam this weekend — a trip we had made together in 2005. On “a sunny but slightly warm and windy day. This IAAF Silver Label road race was won by Kenyan Wilson Chebet in 2:05:27,” writes Race Results Weekly’s David Monti from New York. This no doubt hindered attempts to chase the current World Record of 2:03:59 and the $350,000 bonus the race put up as an incentive. But it didn’t deter Ed! His wife Brenda wrote me a short while ago:

“Clever old soul isn’t he considering he had been very sick for a week before he left with a seriously bad cold (the first he had for about ten years) so I personally wasn’t confident he would even finish.   So I was relieved to see that he tottered through it.”

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