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Sometimes, Slowtwitch.com can be priceless.

They (WTC-World Triathlon Corporation) have a strategy of geographic diversification and market share. They are buying every competitor and basically they are exerting monopoly pricing. They buy races, standardize them, lower their costs, and raise the prices. Don’t anyone kid themselves, they are a real company, with real strategists, marketers, and their M&A and marketing approach could not be simpler and cheaper – basically many of us talk ourselves into believing that we are real « ironmen » because we have enough energy to sign up online only to swim slow, ride a super expensive bike slow, and then walk the marathon (yes walk), and at the end we get a medal and some dude to call us an IM. That’s not an ironman, by any stretch. Plus they get communities to give them volunteers, tax free services, free roads and lakes, police and more. Those guys must be making a killing – or maybe it’s one guy that owns it all, isn’t it?

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    1. Ca prend quelques courses pour s’en rendre compte… en fait… je crois que l’augmentation de 75$ en deux ans fait aussi très très mal!
      Surtout quand tu te rends compte que la qualité se dégrade…

      Mooseman et Timberman sont des exemples parfaits.