Save the date > Alex Hutchinson at Boutique Endurance, June 3rd. at

Alex Hutchinson is an Huge inspiration for us and he will be in town to present his book. If you don’t know him, he is a regular write for the Globe and Mail, and he writes the MUST READ blog Sweat Science. So, you will have a chance to meet the man in person and ask him questions and buy his book… “Which comes first, Cardio or Weights?” “tackles over a hundred commonly held beliefs and looks at just what research science has–and has not–proven to be true.”

Alex will present his book at Boutique Endurance on Friday June 3rd, from 7-10pm, giving a talk and taking questions. Followed by open Q&A with Alex and maybe more…

Boutique Endurance is located at 6579 rue St. Denis, just north of Beaubien. They can be reached at 514-272-9267.

Here’s the Facebook event, if you would like to RSVP. (not necessary, but would be nice for the store to know numbers ahead of time)

Unfortunately, it’s the same week-end than Mooseman 70.3, so I won’t be there and I’ve been crying for days…  We should get a piece of Alex soon, stay tuned.


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