Trimes digs Jonathan Brownlee

In our series of interview «Trimes digs… », we are proud to present you one of the greatest triathlete on the ITU circuit: Jonathan Brownlee. About a month ago, he finished 2nd at the WCS in Sydney: a promising performance in a pre-Olympic season that will be very competitive. He was kind enough to share his thoughts with us about his training, Olympic qualification and some other stuff.

1-      Coming to the WCS race in Sydney, Alistair told the media that you were the man to look out for. It must be a great honor. What kind of relationship do you have with your brother during and outside training?

Yes it was a great honour that he said that. Although, I did not know that he said that until after the race. We have a very friendly relationship. We help each other in training and racing. We do most of our training and travelling together. We occasionally have small fights, just like any brothers.

2-      What are your thoughts about the qualification of Great Britain athletes for the 2012 Olympics with so many great athletes and only 3 spots available?

It is going to be very difficult! GB is very strong at the moment. There are a number of athletes that can qualify. I will just try my best.

3-      Some people often think that ITU elite racing (for men) always comes to a 10km run race. What are your thoughts about that?

That is sometimes the case. But not always. Last year it Kitzbuhel Stewart Hayes won from a break away. Also it is not just about going very easy on the bike and waiting for the run. The aim is to get to the run as fresh as possible. So if you are a stronger and more technical cyclists you will start the run much fresher than others. Some of the bike course, like Madrid, are really hard also.

4-      In the last couple of years, we saw Alistair requesting the rest of the bike pack to get in front to get the work done. Do you think the men push hard enough during the bike section?

It depends on the race. Some races the bike is very hard. Like in Madrid and in the European championships. It just depends how the race goes.


5-      What does your typical week of training looks like?

I train about 30 hours a week. My biggest training day is probably Wednesday. The day starts with a 90 minutes swim at 7am. I then go for a 70 minute run. After I finish the day off with a 3 hour bike ride with my friends in Dales. I love training around Yorkshire. Al always lectures me on the hills and geography of the surrounding countryside as we ride along. I am studying History at Leeds Uni also. My uni course, along with my training, keeps me very busy.

6-      On the WCS men circuit, which athlete do you admire the most and why?

I admire Javier Gomez. He is an incredible athlete. He has no weakness. He is a very good swimmer, cyclists and runner

7-      And on the women side, any crush?… Just kidding!

Haha. Maybe! But I can’t say

8-      What kind of music do you listen to while training?

I don’t listen to music while training. I often train in groups, so I talk with my friends. Or I enjoy running through the fields with the birds and lambs.

9-      We know that your focus is on short distance right now but have you ever think about doing long distance later in your career?

Yes but not for a while. I would love to do an ironman. But I think I will wait a long time. Ironman looks very hard!

10-  So far, what is your favourite race venue on the circuit and why?

I like racing in Kitzbuhel. It was my first WCS race. It is a beautiful setting in the mountains.

11-  Do you think that, in order to become one of the best triathlete on the circuit, the racing background as a junior has a role to play?

Yes I think that is true. Junior racing is very important for an athlete’s development. I learnt so many skills from racing as a junior. In the short distances the junior races teach you that you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Junior races are very hard for an hour also.

12-  What is your favourite quote about training?

It’s not the training that you put in, but what you put into the training

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