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Our RSS feed reader tels us the Nike Lunarspider R2 will soon be available in Europe and in North America. But the word is that retailers like will not offer the Lunarspider Lt+ 2 to their customers. We don’t know if that means they will only be destined for Japanese market (again). However, it is quite easy to buy shoes from Japan with Rakuten.  Prices are reasonable.

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The LT designation stands for Lightweight Trainer. To be honest, the original LT+ is not that light (about 205 grammes for a 10.5 shoes). The new LT+ haves exactly the same sole but the upper has changed to open mesh in the midfoot. The toebox of the LunarSpider R has been carried over to the LT+2. Nike has also kept the Flywire technology as opposed to using Hyperfuse like the R2.

The LT+2 is Nike+ is compatible which means you can use it with the Nike+ pod. The LT+2  also feature more heel, so you can run a little slower with them (IF you need to run long and slow). We do hope that the LT+2 is lighter than the original. We do like this shoe because it is flat inside (sole) like the favourite Nike Streak XC2-3 and the cushioning sits somewhere between the Lunaracer and the Streak.

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