Meanwhile > Kyle Jones and Brent McMahon on a mission.

Ok, before we all die from an Ironman indigestion. Kyle Jones and Brent McMahon are doing really really well. They are on a mission the get enough point to make an come back for to the Dextro WCS. So, Kyle Jones just won the Amakusa ITU Triathlon Asian Cup with a really respectable running time. Also Brent McMahon is BACK.

We might have three Canadians in London. it’s the goal.

From Kyle Jones’ Blog > With about 1km to the finish I closed the gap and then surged up the final climb. I ran hard for a few hundred metres and it was enough to get a gap. I was very happy to get another win and share the podium with my teammate Brent McMahon, who finished 3rd once again. One more race next weekend in China and then I’m heading back home to prepare for Edmonton.

Pos First Name Last Name Country Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
1 Kyle Jones CAN CA 01:48:18 00:19:22 00:00:00 00:57:54 00:00:00 00:31:02
2 Gavin Noble IRL IE 01:48:39 00:19:22 00:00:00 00:57:51 00:00:00 00:31:25
3 Brent McMahon CAN CA 01:49:19 00:19:16 00:00:00 00:57:57 00:00:00 00:32:06


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  1. Boom, ouep il était temps que l’équipe canadienne courte distance ce réveille, il faut juste qu’ils fassent bien tout les deux à edmonton pour la coupe du monde!