Oh No! Macca need attention (as usual)/ A collection of Quotes for several decades… ITU boys must be so afraid!

This week-end, Macca will compete (and not finish) The Ironman Challenge Cairns. It will be his last for a while. He has to do this course (under contract) and could re-start his ITU carrer at Edmonton, Kitzbuhel.
Hope you are an QuoteWhore.
« The only failure for me is not trying. »

« If I get to a level where I think I can be thinking ‘I’m half a shot in these’, I’m not there to make any friends, »

« I don’t care – I will play hard ball.

« They’re supposed to kick my arse. I’m supposed to cross the line and come 25th.

« God help them if I don’t, because they’re going to have to put up with it.

« I will play that game all the way to the Games. It will be entertaining, anyway. »

« Do I think I can win again? Yeah, I do, but doesn’t every heavyweight who goes back in the ring and they have that one fight too many?, »

« What does three titles bring that two doesn’t?

« I haven’t done one of these for nine years. I could get absolutely blown out of the water and I could be (thinking) ‘well, welcome back’, »

« I’m quite open about that. I won’t be embarrassed – as I said to anyone, this is a personal thing.



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