Paula Findlay is…

Paula won 5 of the 6 ITU WCS (world cup) she started in. It’s the longest winning streak in the ITU WCS history.

Paula is a full time athlete. It’s her first season as a real pro (not studying and racing at the same time).  She was studying at the University of Alberta to get into medicine and become a doctor.

Paula is CONSIST. No DNF, no bad races.

Paula is young. Only 22 years old. (1989), She is one of the youngest on the circuit. Younger than Allistair Brownlee.

Paula is proof that the Triathlon Canada coach team is working. She is training in Victoria with Team Canada (Patrick Kelly).

Paula is showing the field that she is now strong on the bike. Madrid and Kitzbuhel are hilly races. By winning there, she is showing a new strength. She still needs to improve her technical skills.

Paula is able to race under pressure. The big one will be London to secure her Olympic spot.

Paula might currently be the most successful active Canadian athlete. This is a bold statement but we can’t find another Canadian athlete currently dominating their respective sport like Paula is currently doing in ITU.

Paula is patient. She never won a race à la Emma Snowsill. Emma always ran off the front, right off the bike and no one was able to match her pace. Paula races with a different tactic: she always runs with the pack, only to accelerate in the last few KMs and out-sprints the remaining challengers.

Paula is polly or @PaulaFindlay on twitter

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