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We are triathletes, we train a lot! Understand that we are getting gains from cross training and reduce some of those junk miles, and put quality into it. Instead of a long steady-hard swim set, put in some max/threshold every now and again. I can hear people already saying « but im not a sprinter ». Correct, you are not, but doing one or 2 quality speed sessions a week in each discipline does not make you a sprinter, but what it might do is increase you max speed ability, raise your natural comfortable speed, and raise your threshold pace. It also gives the body and mind a different stimulus to hours and hours of the same thing.

Give it a go. Change one session in your swim, one in your cycling, one in your run from a medium long format at a steady pace, to a short sharp intense session. Space them out across the week, allowing recovery time, and it might just spark you into life and out of the funk you may be in and send you towards PBs.



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  1. This guy is so rigth!!! 😀 on ne nage pas un 1500m sous 17 min si on n’est pas capable de faire 100m sub 1min, c’est payantla vitesse. rien a redire!