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“I want to prove myself at the next level and this last trip set me up well moving forward. Hopefully I’ll be able to look back at this as a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Kyle Jones is one of our favourite triathlete. He is making a huge comeback since his mystery injury. If you don’t know the story and you want to learn more about him, we recommend this article. He is making up for lost time and hopes to represent Canada at the 2012 Olympics in London and just won three ITU continental races in as many weeks. This is unusual since Canadian ITU athletes do not race as often as Europeans and it could be seen as a suicide move by most.

Last year, Jones was not able to perform. People think that he is just making excuses in the form of cramping, and more cramping… But something was indeed wrong with Jones’ leg. His left common iliac artery was not acting nice, preventing normal blood flow to his leg.

His next race will be a World Cup event in Edmonton July 10.

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  1. Si je me souviens bien, c’est le même problème mystérieux aux jambes qui avait forcé Alex Harvey à se faire opérer en mars 2008. Cette blessure l’avait empêché de monter sur la plus haute marche du podium aux Mondiaux Juniors en 2008, mais ça ne l’ai pas empêcher de revenir en force les années suivantes! Souhaitons donc un titre mondial à Kyle Jones au cours des prochaines années!