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The Edmonon journal is angry. They are after Paula Findlay and they are attacking her father – a physician – who allegedly used his connections so Paula could jump the queue for get an MRI.  Seriously? This is how we treat our athletes? Yes, this is published on the FONT PAGE!

Le fichier de puissance de Antonio Flecha… oui oui, c’est bien lui qui s’est fait renversé par la voiture.

Flecha was strong, he was REALLY strong today. He surprised me with his incredible power output on the first climb Cote De Massiac.  I have been estimating his Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at 420 watts for the first 8 stages and he certainly confirmed today as his Peak 20 minutes was 446 watts up the climb. One of the best ways to test your FTP is through a 20 minute all out test, and then subtracting 5% off of this number will give you your FTP (your best avg. power for an hour).  If we take 446 watts for that peak 20 minutes, and subtract 5%, we get 423 watts, which is exactly what I was estimating his FTP to be.

An interesting opinion by Paulo. A recent trend in professional Ironman Racing
Underneath the amazing results in Ironman racing in the last few weeks, a trend is more and more noticeable: top athletes have « their » races and no other top athlete shows up to contest them. So you have races like the men’s races at Roth, Austria or Switzerland, where besides the designated winner, there really wasn’t any competition. On the women’s side, it’s been the case that top athletes absolutely avoid racing Chrissie Wellington. 

Kathy Tremblay songe a son avenir.
«Je pense que je me trouve dans une période de transition en ce moment…. C’est une histoire de vie.»

Un autre article sur Manon Létourneau. Elle vient de faire son entrée dans nos signets chez

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