ITU San Francisco pan am – another important race – Starting list.

We know that ITU Edmonton world cup is taking place this week-end, but we shouldn’t forget the ITU San Francisco pan am race. Why? because it’s a really important race for our young canadians. They all need ITU points to access to the world cup circuit.

Start Number First Name Last Name Country
1 Leonardo Chacon CRC CR
2 Manuel Huerta USA US
3 Kevin Collington USA US
4 Ethan Brown USA US
5 Matthew Sharpe CAN CA
6 Peter Schokman AUS AU
7 Jordan Bryden CAN CA
8 Andrew McCartney CAN CA
9 Sam Osborne NZL NZ
10 Gaspar Riveros CHI CL
11 Anthony McSweeney AUS AU
12 Matt Long USA US
14 Dustin McLarty USA US
15 Alexander Hinton CAN CA
16 Henry Hagenbuch USA US
17 Edward Rawles NZL NZ
18 Brian Lamar USA US
19 Matt Vierula CAN CA
20 John Rasmussen CAN CA
21 Jeffrey Phillips CAN CA
22 Kalen Darling USA US
23 Jon Bird CAN CA
24 Felipe Rodriguez Rojas COL CO
25 Hernan Rubiano COL CO
26 Joel Desgreniers CAN CA
27 Carlos Hernandez ESA SV
28 Michael Fox AUS AU
29 Sean Jefferson USA US
30 John Dahlz USA US
31 Aaron Thomas CAN CA
32 Rusty Pruden USA US
33 Guillermo Arriaga MEX MX
34 Ben Logan NZL NZ
35 Kenneth Rakestraw USA US
36 Brayden Tucker AUS AU
37 Eric Clarkson USA US
38 Jeff Scull CAN CA
39 Greg Critchley CAN CA
40 Carlos Lesser MEX MX
41 Andrew Haberkorn USA US
42 Colin O’Brady USA US
43 Aaron Barclay NZL NZ
44 Grant Burwash CAN CA
45 Craig Robinson USA US
46 Andrew Lockton USA US
47 Jeff Helmer USA US
48 Andrew Hall CAN CA
49 Erich Wegscheider USA US
51 Nathan White USA US
52 Chris Coble USA US
53 Omar Nour EGY EG
54 Taylor Reid CAN CA
55 Tommy Zaferes USA US
56 Chris Braden USA US
57 Chris Tremonte USA US
58 Andrew Bauer USA US
59 Clarke Lind CAN CA
Start Number First Name Last Name Country
1 Rebecca Kingsford NZL NZ
2 Lauren Goss USA US
3 Lisa Marangon AUS AU
4 Carolina Grimaldo COL CO
5 Kaitlin Shiver USA US
6 Jenna Parker USA US
7 Alexandra Coates CAN CA
8 Amanda Hahn USA US
9 Lina Maria Raga COL CO
10 Evelyne Blouin CAN CA
11 Dorelle Hinton CAN CA
12 Natalia Rodriguez COL CO
14 Sophia Amor-Smith AUS AU
15 Julie Ertel USA US
16 Kristina Schultz CAN CA
17 Brianna Blanchard USA US
18 Stevie Moore CAN CA
19 Sarah-Anne Brault CAN CA
20 Kelsey Withrow USA US
21 Alexis Smith USA US
22 Leanna Lee CAN CA
23 Lauren Brandon USA US
24 Tegan Smith CAN CA
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