Test : DIADORA SONIC (bike/tri shoes)

Last week, I had the opportunity to grab a pair of DIADORA Sonic at one of my favorite local retailer and friend. Cashing out on an incredible deal, I’m off for a test ride. Today, I’m happy to share my short review with you.

So, for the last 2 seasons, I have been racing with the Specialized Trivent and training with some old DMT.

I was interested to see if the best of DIADORA could come close to the best of Specialized.

First look at the Sonic, they really stand out in their super shiny silver skin.
Second look, mmm it seems they are not as vented as the Specialized … Let’s see if they are really warmer. If I mention less vented, it is because the Specialized feature really obvious big openings, and the DIADORA just don’t. But after the test ride (3h by 34c and high humidex, true story) and a closer look, the venting is basically the same. The DIADORA uses a fabric not as denser as the specialized, without any compromise to the overall stiffness of the upper of the shoe, the fabric used have larger fiber opening to allow plenty of venting.

Like many other Tri shoes, they feature all of the « special » little thingies :
– a very limited amount of straps, in this case : 2, of course, only one will be used every time you put the shoes on, while is the other one (closer to the toes) is set in place for life :).

– the giant strap opens towards the outside of the shoe to stay away from the crank as you pedal with you foot on top of the shoe.
– lots of venting.
– virtually no seams inside for comfortable fit without socks.
– little strap/handle at the back of the shoe to pull it up when putting you foot inside.

– wide opening.

– the fancy colors 🙂

Of course the sole is reinforced with carbon, and the shoe fits any cleats.

My test ride was a 3h in a place with lots of hills, some flats, on a hot day.

The feel was very comfortable, no blisters or no redness anywhere on my bare feet. There was plenty of room in the toes area, and my feet are wide. To compare with running: the Nike Lunaracer give me blisters at every run.

The insole felt really flat, some people with high arch might need to put their own instead.
Also, a flat insole can create some nerves pinching in the foot, and numbness will occur during long rides. Some manufacturers palliate this with a insole using a « bump » to support your mid foot and eliminate the pinching. I believe this is missing on this shoe. May be a longer ride will let me feel this.
Nevertheless pulling up or pushing down on the pedal felt like a breeze (for my feet, not the quads), and I was a happy owner of new tri shoes.

Would I recommend those, yes.
Would I buy them again, yes.

Are they making you faster, yes !
Indeed, they feature some electric green painted sections, and as our fellow readers know, it makes you go faster !

Under the heel, DIADORA screwed on a little bumper, which make « walking » with the shoes a little more « natural », it is removable, but will only be a gain of 10g per shoe. They will stay on my shoes as they are green and will make me go faster.

And last but not least, a very funny little detail : there is a mini strap in the strap !

After a short thinking process, I came to this conclusion.
Although there is a small dent in the strap that locks it in place as your bike is waiting for your in transition, once you start stepping on the strap, it can easily come off the wrong way and make you loose precious seconds as you try to slide it back in (yes we work by the second a Trimes). So it looks like this mini strap is a backup system to lock the strap to the buckle ….

Am I right ?

Thanks for reading.

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