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«Un athlète ne peut arriver en compétition très motivé s’il n’a jamais été mis à l’épreuve.»


No time for love as Brownlee brothers fulfil their real passion.

A good paper… on the brothers, they are still mysterious for us but well…

In competition, the similarities are greater. Both are great runners but, in fact, have few weaknesses. Jonny boasts the faster sprint finish while Alistair tends to grind down his brother towards the end of the win so he can pull away.

They train 30 to 35 hours a week, half of which is spent on the bike while seven hours are spent in the water and the remainder running. Aside from training and triathlon, there is little time for anything else.

Asked about girlfriends, Alistair confesses there is no time. He adds: « They’d have to be the most understanding girlfriends in the world. »

The Brownlee brothers have been the outdoors type for as long as they can remember, as are their parents who are both doctors and fly out to watch them compete at the majority of their events. So, the idea they might be making sacrifices to get to the top of their sport is slightly beyond them.

When asked, their response is the same – « I don’t see it as a sacrifice » – for it is all the brothers have ever known with the ideal triathlon training territory of the Yorkshire Dales on their doorstep. Of the Dales, Alistair says: « If it was at a greater altitude I’m not sure we’d ever leave. It’s the perfect place to train even in the rain and cold. »



A Lithuanian mayor takes an extreme stance on people parking in cycle lanes.


ITU London is not Kona…

Some more infos on the electric ultegra.
Unfortunately, there is no ultegra shifter for triathlon and you can’t mix it with Dura Ace…


Adidas launches recovery compression apparel. It’s good news because they are going the ‘affordable’ way.


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