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Tim DeBoon preparing Norseman! I want to do it!!!! RESPECT!!


Yep, Hipsters like sports! and some are on mission! I want to do it!!!! was created to highlight the local music scenes of America’s heartland from the perspective of a bicycle. It is an interactive blog and webisode series following two people’s transcontinental, cyclo-musical journey.

Each of us here at Bandcycle believes America is a nation filled with soulful music awaiting discovery. As musicians, directors, fans, and outdoor enthusiasts, we feel we have been given an opportunity to share the sounds and stories of these artists with the people who tune in to our blog. How has music been shaped by the culture and history of these places? What music out there is going unnoticed by radio stations and record labels?

We feel that music carries a great capacity to show the soul of a place; it is our hope that by visiting these places we will begin to understand.

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