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From Simon Whitfield.
‎#23 today. Trained hard, executed well. Result simply reflected where we’re currently at. Solid swim, smart ride, ran as fast as I could. Must run faster.

AliBrownleetri Alistair Brownlee 

Good old day today. Completely unexpected way to win the race but enjoyable and satisfying. The support was fantastic.
From MaccaNow Chris McCormack 
morning on the treatment table, an MRI and breakfast at Cafe Phillie here in London. Looking at my schedule, 2 assess injury recovery time.
@rappstar I might be lame myself mate. Did myself a bit of damage today. Diagnosis for me minimum 3 weeks no running. Shit timing!
@alibrownleetri Kid an absolute pleasure watching u race. Aggressive, ballsy & dead set gutsy. Inspiring shit mate! Good luck with Olympics

From TrimesTeam TrimesTeam 

@laurentvidal You won the award for the best arrival SCREAM for sure!

 laurent vidal 

@TrimesTeam cheers guys. Actually it was release. It has to come out somehow! 🙂 Olympic spot is kind of priceless on a one day race!
Made the criteria for the Olympic team in London so did Andrea!!! Both 6th. It was a challenge to only focus on that race but it paid off.
From JonesKyle Kyle Jones 

 19th place yesterday. Leaving London with fire in my belly. Need to find a few more seconds in time for Beijing Grand Final…5 weeks.

From GOSticksy Brad Kahlefeldt 

 8th Yesterday in Cold and wet London WCS, Hopefully cemented my spot in the Olympic team for next year (find out Nov). Now onto Prague R n R

janfrodeno Jan Frodeno 

 Olympics here I come! Content to finally survive a race in the rain, struggling to be happy about 11th. #WhoCares-GotATick
mattchrabot Matt Chrabot 

 If anyone is going to beat the brothers a year from today, it’ll take more than a 3 man team. Maybe an entire field.
Every single time I attacked to bridge to Alistair, I looked bt my legs & saw the red shoes of Johnny Brownlee on my wheel.
Today’s race in London was one of the toughest races out there. I averaged more watts today than the days I rode solo in breakaways.
RaphaelAurelien Raphaël Aurélien 

Chute o dernier tour vélo sur la WCS de Londres. Pose seul au parc. Bonne course a pied mais seule au monde. Poignet en vrac!Bravo à la team
paulakimITU Paula Kim 

 of the 15 WCS medals given out in the 5 elite men’s races so far this year, 6 medals have gone to the surname Brownlee. greedy aren’t they??
paulakimITU Paula Kim 

 london was the 20th WCS in ITU history…and @AliBrownleetri just won his 10th title. i’m no math genius but that’s impressive
@jarrodshoemakerJarrod Shoemaker
Ouch. Slid out on wet road. Feeling great till then. Disappointing.


Death during Swim renews questions about event’s safety.
“It’s now become a common trend is for people to use triathlon as a way to lose weight,” Oeinck said. “But you go to races and look around, and you start to ask yourself, ‘Is this race too much for that person?’ ”


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